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Meet the UM Team


As a small team of creatives, we honestly love the work we do.  From our Brisbane-based studio, our mission is to create beautiful laser cut decorative metal screens which inspire people to reflect, ignite conversations, admire the beauty and ultimately, enhance the space in which they live, study and work, through distinctively different, drool-worthy designs

We listen. We create. We deliver. We thrive on your stories and we look to strategically create solutions  which go above and beyond your expectations.


Meet the UM Team


Founder + Creative Director

At the head of the Urban Metal team is our Founder and Creative Director, Deborah Bauer.

As a designer with over 10-years experience in the industry and a passion for art, design and architecture, Deborah’s mission for Urban Metal is to enhance experience through creativity and design, elevating spaces to bring people together.

Deb is a big picture thinker, loves taking ideas outside of the box and is a huge advocate for active design—the creation of people-focussed spaces which are intentionally designed to promote wellness of the mind and body.  .

Constantly curious, an innovator, a quick thinker and uncompromising on standards. She has built a team of experts  and an organisation which constantly strives to add the human element to each and every design, executed with precision, from design to installation.

Deborah’s approach is unique to her competitors, all designs are built through innovation, experience and collaboration, working closely with people and their desired space to enhance the overall experience, aesthetic and feel.

Deborah’s talent lies in not only knowing how and why custom designed screens will enhance a space through colour, texture and bespoke features but by spending the time getting to know the space and the personality of it, her designs can transform an entire home, school or feel of a commercial space promoting a sense of positivity, innovation, relaxation and collaboration.


CAD  Designer

I love to hike and to take long walks outdoors, sticking my nose into mycology at an amateur level, in these walks (studying and identifying wild mushrooms). Big fan of old school classic rock. Very meticulous, I like to have things sorted and in order. I don’t like cold, windy, grey and short winter days. I don’t like winter.




Paul has been installing decorative screens with our team since 2008. He’s a builder and plasterer by trade and his knowledge and skills are top shelf and invaluable to our team.

Sportsman, family man and all round good guy, Paul is calm on the tools, and VERY competitive on the football field, volleyball court (team mate of Olaf)  and tennis court. Passionately dislikes butter.



Joe joined the Urban Metal install team in 2018 and what a great addition he has been. A man of all trades, with a background in tiling and landscape construction, Joe is a perfectionist at heart.

Another talented sportsman in the UM team, Joe loves his football, plays competitively and is a passionate football coach.

The team who play together, work well together.

FUN FACT: Joe, Paul, Olaf and Deb all played (social) football on the same team for several years.

“Great design is a multi-layered relationship between human life and its environment.”

– Naoto Fukasawa

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URBAN METAL | Our Mission

To enhance experience through creativity and design, elevating spaces to bring people together.


URBAN METAL | Our Values

“Elevating experience through design”


1. Challenge Creativity

At Urban Metal, we thrive on challenging creativity and what is is conventionally considered when designing for a space. We challenge our clients to think outside-the-box and don’t work with cookie-cutter, done-before techniques when designing our work. Air aim is to challenge creativity from you, our client but also strive for it ourselves, to ensure the space we are creating for, fuels creativity, inspiration and innovation along the way.

2. Elevate Experience

At Urban Metal, our ultimate aim when designing for you is to elevate experience through design. We want our designs to inspire your creativity, to inspire the experiences of others who walk through your space, to encourage connection, foster relationships, connect people together and ignite feelings of positivity.



3. Ideas and Innovation

The same old ideas and designs don’t work anymore, to strive for excellence in business and through creation, we need to strive for originality, imagination, outside the box ideas, new materials and textures and experiment with colours and new designs.

4. Collaboration

At Urban Metal, we don’t just create custom designs for you, we work with you and encourage your input and ideas through a collaborative approach. We encourage you to enjoy the process of working with us, rather just focussing on the end result. It is through a collaborative approach that allows us to create the best result for you.

5. Service

At Urban Metal, service is at the core of what we do. Through every touch point, our ultimate aim is to provide a high quality, custom service to you and to exceed your expectations. We take the time to get to know you, your style and ask you questions to get to know you. To us, it’s not just about serving you but building a relationship with you.

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‘’The team at Urban Metal took an idea that we already had for feature on an internal courtyard wall and developed the concept into a creative and eye-catching reality. Deborah Bauer our main contact and an absolute pleasure to work with during the entire project. She was extremely professional, unfailing obliging and patient and delivered on time and on cost. Templates were provided before the finished design was manufactured to enable any last minute refinements, and Deb provided advice on the hand painted finish . Our beautiful metal artwork is the first thing we see when we open our front door and has been admired by many who visit us. It is a pleasure to recommend Urban Metal to anyone seeking a professional design and install team.’’

Jill Overall


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