DECORATIVE Fence and Infill Panels

Enhance your entry and surrounding spaces

At Urban Metal, we want to elevate experience through creativity and design, elevating spaces to bring people together. When inviting people into your space, where do they enter? There’s no second chances when it comes to making a first impression and the entry to your home, business, school or workplace is no exception.  Your entry is a chance to not only give your guests a little insight into your personality.  Fence and infill panels may be used for decorative and/or functional reasons and at no point in our work is this statement more emotionally charged than when we are commissioned for Privacy Screening Fencing projects. As humans, our desire for privacy is a basic fundamental we have come to expect in our own homes. However, with block sizes decreasing and house sizes increasing, neighbours removing trees and hedging, builders removing small homes and building large-scale residences, your need for additional privacy sometimes becomes a large concern and a major priority.  We can transform your space instantly with our stunning range of Decorative Privacy Screens. Click here for more details on Privacy Screens.

Urban Metal specializes in the custom design and supply of laser cut metal screens for residential and professional projects. All designs are built through a creative, innovative process, based on years of experience and collaboration – working closely with people and their desired space to enhance the overall enjoyment, aesthetic and feel.

Most people who value the aesthetics of their home or work space,  invest in a variety of options to enhance the entry and surrounding spaces for those who live within it through decorative fence and  infill panels.

Why Do I Need Decorative Fence & Infill Panels

Let’s first understand the concept and the functionality of fence and infill panels by looking at a few ways in which you could incorporate these into your space to enhance your lifestyle.

  • Build a private haven in your outdoor space
  • Shield your patio from prying eyes
  • Transform lack lustre fences into artistic feature walls
  • You can host a dinner party on your deck or patio to a back drop of decorative screening fence panels which add to the aesthetic and create privacy from neighbours for intimate dining.
  • Hide necessary, yet ugly features-Turn lemons into lemonade by covering air conditioner units, bins and other landscaping eyesores with a well-placed and thoughtfully considered fence screens.
  • Use decorative infill panels between brick pillars
  • Outdoor Screens are an essential need in almost every garden design.

For more examples, view our Fence & Infill Panel Portfolio here.

Types Of Fence & Infill Panels

Fence and Infill panels are available in many forms from breeze blocks to slatted timber, rendered blue board, clumping bamboo and aluminium slats. There is a screen to suit every application. At Urban Metal, we concentrate on our area of expertise – laser cut decorative metal screens, a perfect blend of design and technology. The benefit of laser cutting means that it gives a clean and detailed finish with minimal wastage. It also allows for our designs to be intricately designed and in many instances, the laser cut material makes the perfect base of the inclusion of colour as well as being easy to install.

The many choices available when it comes to choosing which decorative screening option is right for you means this process can be overwhelming. Powder coated aluminium screens are great for gardens, fences, courtyards and outdoor dining areas. They are also the perfect choice for creating private spaces in pool areas or for blocking the view of neighbours. They are light weight, easy to install, long lasting and require very minimal maintenance. Weathering steel, a popular choice due to the variances in colour, strength and no maintenance required look fabulous, however the rusted patina means that they are not suitable for all applications. Likewise for stainless steel. Available in two finishes, brushed satin or mirrored, they are an incredibly stylish choice, however they do require a certain amount of maintenance in comparison to other materials. Need additional help with material selection and to gain a better understanding of the pros and cons? Click here for additional information.

Decorative Fence & Infill Panels

At Urban Metal Decorative screening we thrive on challenging creativity and what is expected when designing for a space. We don’t like cookie-cutter, done before techniques, and when designing specifically for privacy screening there are many additional factors which require important consideration. We challenge you to think outside-the-box. We can customize the privacy screen, depending on your design ideas, budget, placement choices, requirements and choice of material. Will your fence or infill panels become the focal point to reclaim the aesthetics in your own sanctuary or do you require a fence/privacy screen which blends in and becomes a functional, yet less obvious, addition to your home. How much privacy is required? Do you need almost full coverage with minimal open areas providing less visibility through the fence panels or would you like more open area so that the fence screens are not too enclosed and allows the breeze to flow through, however also creates enough of a distraction to become a feature or statement piece. Whatever your requirements, we collaborate and work with you to ensure that the fence or infill panel solution we provide goes above and beyond your expectations.

Fixtures & Framework

Our decorative screens are tailored to suit your needs and where required, fixtures and framework, posts or pre drilled holes can be provided, so DIY installation is made easy. To compliment our range of customised screen designs, available in multiple sizes, materials and colors, Urban Metal Decorative Screening also offers a multitude of fixture and framing options. Stand off screws to allow panels to be offset from the wall; framework with rounded edges, framework with square edges and framework whereby the panels can sit mid frame, meaning they look the same from both the front and the rear. Fixtures can also be colour-matched to your panel. Click here from more fixture and framework options, information and examples.


Careful consideration should be given to the installation of your Urban Metal Decorative Screen at the beginning of your project. During the design phase, we will spend time gaining an understanding of exactly where and how your panel will be installed. We offer a great range of fixtures and framework which can be included if required. For our Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast clients, we also offer a full Design-Consultation-Completion service and if required, we can also include for the installation of your decorative screen. For additional information on our installation services, click here.

Cleaning & Maintenance

To ensure your newly installed Urban Metal Decorative Screen is long-lasting and looking beautiful for years to come, it is important to understand the maintenance requirements.

Stainless Steel: A speciality finish which does require a certain amount of maintenance. As to the frequency, most suppliers would agree that stainless steel should be cleaned on an “as needed” basis. Regardless of the grade of material, all stainless steel can be prone to ‘tea staining’. Stainless Steel should be kept clean and free of dirt and grime to ensure its natural and original appearance.

Weathering Steel: A high strength steel which develops a protective rusted ‘patina’ which inhibits further corrosion. Originally designed for architectural use on bridge construction and shipping containers, weathering steel has been known to achieve a 100+ year life span.

Powder Coated Aluminium or Steel: For the majority of our powder coated panels, the brand we choose to use is DULUX. They recommend that a simple, regular maintenance program should be implemented. The effects of ultra violet light, atmospheric pollution, dirt grime and airborne salt deposits can all accurate over time and should be removed at regular intervals. As a general rule, cleaning should take place every three months. For additional tips to maintaining your powder coated products, please click here.


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