Fixtures & Framework

Urban Metal Decorative Screening also offers a multitude of fixture and framing options

Our decorative screens are tailored to suit your needs and where required, fixtures and framework, posts or pre drilled holes can be provided, so DIY installation is made easy. To compliment our range of customised screen designs, available in multiple sizes, materials and colours, Urban Metal Decorative Screening also offers a multitude of fixture and framing options. Stand off screws to allow panels to be offset from the wall; framework with rounded edges, framework with square edges and framework whereby the panels can sit mid frame, meaning they look the same from both the front and the rear. Fixtures can also be colour-matched to your panel. Click here for more fixture and framework options, information and examples.


Panels sitting mid-frame, looking the sane from both sides; Panels sitting on the front or rear of framework; Framework to join to standard sized panels to create one large, over sized panel. Are the panels welded to the frames or attached with decorative screw fixings.….there are many, many options. At Urban Metal we offer a large range of solutions for framework and it’s important to understand which option will be suit your chosen decorative screen and how that option looks aesthetically, so that the final outcome enhances and elevates the lifestyle you live within that space, rather than poorly considered options which will leave you second guessing your purchase.


  • Shadow lines created by the use of stand off screws allowing the decorative screen to be off set from the wall.
  • Decorative screws colour-matched to the screens
  • Angle frames / Support frames
  • Timber surrounds
  • Joiners
  • Adjustable base plates
  • Custom brackets


Careful consideration should be given to the installation of your Urban Metal Decorative Screen at the beginning of your project. During the design phase, we will spend time gaining an understanding of exactly where and how your panel will be installed. We offer a great range of fixtures and framework which can be included if required. For our Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast clients, we also offer a full Design-Consultation-Completion service and if required, we can also include for the installation of your decorative screen. For additional information on our installation services, click here.


Cleaning & Maintenance

To ensure your newly installed Urban Metal Decorative Screen is long-lasting and looking beautiful for years to come, it is important to understand the maintenance requirements.

Stainless Steel: A speciality finish which does require a certain amount of maintenance. As to the frequency, most suppliers would agree that stainless steel should be cleaned on an “as needed” basis. Regardless of the grade of material, all stainless steel can be prone to ‘tea staining’. Stainless Steel should be kept clean and free of dirt and grime to ensure its natural and original appearance.

Weathering Steel: A high strength steel which develops a protective rusted ‘patina’ which inhibits further corrosion. Originally designed for architectural use on bridge construction and shipping containers, weathering steel has been known to achieve a 100+ year life span.

Powder Coated Aluminium or Steel: For the majority of our powder coated panels, the brand we choose to use is DULUX. They recommend that a simple, regular maintenance program should be implemented. The effects of ultra violet light, atmospheric pollution, dirt grime and airborne salt deposits can all accurate over time and should be removed at regular intervals. As a general rule, cleaning should take place every three months. For additional tips to maintaining your powder coated products, please click here.

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