Supplying decorative laser-cut and perforated screens for commercial

We prioritise intentional design, alleviate your design load through early
engagement, and enable local manufacturing with our licensed partners – empowering
you to effortlessly meet ESG criteria.

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Crafting Experiences, Shaping Environments:
Urban Metal – Your Partner in Purposeful Commercial Design.


We bring your vision to life. We lighten your design load, providing custom laser-cut and perforated metal screen designs that seamlessly integrate with your projects, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Connecting your customers with space and place.


Builders, we’ve got you covered. Urban Metal is your ally in delivering projects with ease. We’re all about saving you time and money. Our collaborative approach and local manufacturing partnerships ensure timely and efficient execution. Choose a design and go straight to manufacturing.


Manufacturers, join us in making a positive impact. Our commitment to local fabrication under ESG principles opens doors for collaboration. License our designs and contribute to sustainable, locally crafted solutions for commercial projects.Would you like to become an Urban Metal licensed manufacturer? Ask us how?

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Elevating spaces through purposeful and engaging custom
designs is where we excel. Our designs connect people and communities to their

We make space feel better

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Collaborate with us early in the process to
streamline and alleviate the design burden for architects and designers.

Seamless. Efficient. Innovative

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Licensed agreements with manufacturers across Australia
enable local fabrication, prioritising sustainability and reducing environmental
impact whilst ensuring your project is more cost effective.

We care.

What We Do

Laser-Cut Decorative Metal Screens

Precision-cut screens for longevity,
blending design and technology to suit Australian conditions. We specialise in
customs; work with one of our featured artists; or choose from our Studio Design Collection

Perforated Metal Screens

custom designed perforated screens tick many, many boxes. Customisable open area percentages; safe and non-climbable; ideal for public spaces. Turn your simple logos or motifs into repetitive perforated patterns. You imagine it, planes, cars, leaves… we’ll design it.Plain perforated

Public Artwork / Light Towers

Choose from powder-coated aluminum,
weathering steel, or stainless steel. Our team can guide you through material
selection, considering the pros and cons for your specific application.

Elevate Commercial Spaces with Urban Metal’s Decorative Screens

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Instant Transformation

Custom-designed laser-cut metal screens for commercial and professional projects, ensuring an instant transformation of your

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Creative Collaboration

Designs crafted through years of experience and collaboration, enhancing the overall enjoyment, aesthetic, and feel of your desired

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Seamless Project Execution

Collaboration with industry professionals for
hassle-free laser-cut and perforated projects, handling everything from design
creation to approvals.



We meet in your studio to hear your visions, discuss your project, answer design questions and cover all the important details to ensure specifications are accurate.


Accurate specifications ensures accurate pricing through us or go directly to one of our licensed manufacturers


Choose from : Our Studio Design Collection ; Featured Artist Collection; or where we excel, Custom design.


Specify your design choice on your plans. Images can be supplied for tender purposes


With licensed manufacturers across the country, choose your option and
manufacture locally. You’ll be supporting local business and meeting criteria for ESG’s.

ESG Focus

Explore the versatility of our metal, laser-cut commercial screens and discover how they
can elevate the lifestyle and experiences of your clients and customers:

  • Local Manufacturing: Licensed agreements with manufacturers across Australia allow local fabrication, reducing transportation and environmental impact.
  • Sustainability Priority: Contributing to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals through a commitment to sustainability

Lightening the Design Load: Collaborate with Urban Metal early in the process to streamline and alleviate the design burden for architects and designers. Our focus on intentional and custom designs ensures a seamless, efficient, and innovative approach to your project.
Elevate your commercial spaces with Urban Metal’s commitment to intentional design, creative collaboration, and transformative decorative screens.

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