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Legacy Project – Sports Precint – Brisbane Primary School

Description: Commissioned by the school to work in collaboration with the pupils and teachers in the Student Council to create a Legacy panel which would be placed at the entry to the busy sports precinct within the school grounds. The panel was to be situated around a water bubbler which was also gifted to the school as part of their legacy.

Design: Custom

Over a 6 week period, our designer, Deborah worked with the students during their student council meetings to discuss the elements of design; develop a concept plan and story board;  design creation and ultimately final approval of completed artwork files.  The design brief was that this particular installation needed to be both aesthetically beautiful and importantly , it also needed to communicate their story with the ultimate aim of building connections both within the school and with the broader community.

Students submitted both artwork sketches and written stories to communicate their ideas for the project.

Material: Brushed Stainless Steel

Installation: Urban Metal

Photo Credit: Urban Metal

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