Taking a fresh new approach on the issue of privacy screening is leading to happier, healthier lives at home. When you take ownership, you regain control.

Privacy screening, trust us, it’s a BIG FREAK’N deal. As humans, we all have an innate desire for a certain amount of privacy. Time away from the world where we can recharge and just be who we are, without an audience watching on.

A former client recently told us that when their privacy at home was taken away it was one of the most stressful 12months of their lives. Their scenario was all too common and one we see ALL THE TIME. The neighbours sold their house. The new owners demolished the existing home and built a new, large scale home which directly overlooks the outdoor living area belonging to our client. Now don’t get us wrong, we are not against building large new homes (in fact we have a secret obsession stalking these on Insta—the transformations are often mind blowing). We are, however, all for peace and harmony between neighbours. Was the issue with our clients and their neighbours resolved? Well, yes and no. It took a few months of careful planning, architectural drawings and council approvals. The end result:: a STUNNING courtyard with lush plantings and beautiful decorative, laser cut privacy screening which blocks the view of the neighbours new home. Is there peace and harmony—only time will tell.

Harry S. Truman once wrote “All will concede that in order to have good neighbours, we must also be good neighbours. That applies in every field of human behaviour”.


Wise words. How do we apply this notion to the concept of maintaining privacy between neighbours and whilst building a healthy, neighbourly  relationship? Actually, it is quite easy.

01 Look outside the box.

By this we mean, look outside the box of your own home and property boundaries. Don’t just look at what you are building, consider your neighbours and how your build may impact their current living  area. If you know that your plans will adversely impact time in their own home,  make some changes or create a plan which  says “we see you, however we respect your right to privacy”.

02 Communication is key and needs to be tackled early in the process.

The conversation, inviting your neighbour to participate in the decisions regarding their privacy is much easier than the conversation (or permanent lack there of) once you have taken their privacy away.  Likewise, if your neighbours are building, open the lines of communication quickly.  Privacy screening, if done well, can be a win-win for both parties.

03 Take action.

Alter the placement of windows and other view points in your design (if suitable) before the drawings are complete. If  screening plants are the option you choose, get them into the ground and established ASAP.  If you are choosing to use decorative  feature screens, either on windows or for fencing, plan this early. Who knows, your neighbours may even be prepared to split the costs.  Once you get the neighbours offside, this option is guaranteed to be off the table!

04 If you are well past this stage and your privacy has been taken away,  you still have many options.

Rather than returning home each day with a feeling of annoyance and frustration, take control. We don’t mean, hanging sheets in the windows to block them out (yes, seen far too often) . We mean, take steps to enhance your OWN living space.  You can break  up (the view) with the neighbours.  Reclaim your space, your private sanctuary. Consider the elements which you love, what makes you happy and how you could incorporate these ideas into your home.  Our advice, choose the best quality product your budget can afford as this will make the difference between patching what has become and unsightly area or truly enhancing your liveable space in your home.  Ideas might include balcony privacy screens, timber screens, outdoor privacy screens which could double as sun shade or bamboo slats. We designing outdoor privacy screens, select a design (or have some custom design which fits your personality, your style of home, and ultimately, adds to the narrative of your story.

Stuck for ideas, contact our office to arrange a site consultation and take a positive step to living happier and healthier in your own home. Our wide range of outdoor privacy screens have all been designed with the aim of enhancing the space in which you live. They are easy to install and suit a wide range of budgets. Our screens offer not only an opportunity to lift your space but aluminium privacy screens can be powder coated in many colours to add impact or subtly  compliment the colour scheme of your home. Once you are happier in your space, we all know the roll on effects this has in creating good health.

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