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Designs that resonate,
Spaces that elevate

Unique designs connecting people to their surroundings.

Every curve, every cut is intentionally designed and meticulously crafted.

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Iconic Designs

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Seamless Connection

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Planet Friendly Manufacturing

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Who we are

We honestly love the work we do. From our Brisbane-based studio, our mission is to create beautiful laser cut decorative metal screens. Designed to inspire people to reflect, ignite conversations, admire the beauty and ultimately, enhance the space in which they live, study and work.

We listen. We create. We deliver.

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13 URban Metal Casa Chow scaled - urban metal

What We Do

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We connect artists with industry.
We transform artwork from Australia’s best and brightest artists into functional designs for your next commercial or residential project. Rooted in our founder’s artistic background, we hold dear the value of fair recognition and remuneration for artists. Our commitment shines through in our commission rates, well exceeding the industry standard.

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We specialise in intentional design, sensory engagement, and community-centric approaches. Utilising our consultancy service allows us to lighten your design load and bring your project to life with clearer insights into budgets and timelines.

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support local manufacturers

With a growing list of licensed local manufacturers doing environmental good both Australia wide and internationally, Urban Metal can assist in ensuring your projects meet their sustainability goals. By manufacturing locally we reduce transportation costs and risk of damage during transit. A simple process, which saves time and money and is great for the environment.


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The ideal combination of perforated privacy as well as classical style. Alongside the combination of custom screens, you can now integrate any design or image you wish to show within your perforated screens.

Versatile. Cost effective.

Fit-out Screens

Ideal for restaurants and diverse fit-outs, these designs blend aesthetics and functionality, ensuring your space stands out. Beyond retail, food and location, our decorative screens create an atmosphere that resonates, making the experience unforgettable.

We make space feel better.

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