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Custom Designs

Sometimes, you just want and need, a little more. It might be a slight twist on one of our Studio Designs. It might be custom design to compliment a fabric or designer rug. It might even be a grand vision of Silver Birch trees or a city scape of your favourite Italian coastal town. By collaborating with our clients during the design process, the concept of Custom Design is elevated in both outcome and experience. What we do is so much more than ‘design creation’ . We focus on the holistic feel and personality of your space, not just how it looks. We spend the time getting to know you to determine exactly what is missing and what will enhance your experience, whether it is at work, home or play.

Custom Design: WHY

Blissful holidays by the ocean; weekend trips to the country reading novels under the shade of a red river gum; travel to exotic locations; a favourite textile piece….. inspiration for custom designs comes in many, many forms.

At Urban Metal we thrive on challenging creativity and what is expected when designing for a space with the ultimate aim to elevate experience through design. When creating a custom design, we challenge creativity from you, our client, but also strive for it ourselves to ensure the space we are creating for fuels feelings of positivity, ignites conversations, and inspires the experiences of others who walk through your space, ultimately,  fostering and building better relationships.


You might be wondering exactly HOW do we create a custom design for you, our client, and how do you know you will like what we create?

1. Collaboration

We don’t just create custom designs for you, we work with you and encourage your input and ideas through a collaborative approach. We encourage you to enjoy the process of working with us, rather than just focussing on the end result.  The customer centred, ideas driven, collaborative approach allows us to create the best results for you.

2. Service

Service is at the core of what we do. Through every touch point, our aim is to provide high quality, custom service to you and to exceed your expectations.  We take time to get to know you, your style, ask you questions to get to know your story and to create a narrative for the custom design. To us, its not just about serving you but building a relationship with you.

3. Ideas and Innovation

The same old ideas and design dont work anymore. At Urban Metal we strive for excellence in business and through creation. Our designs are the heart and soul of our business. Original. Imaginative. Outside-the-box ideas. We are constantly seeking new ideas in materials, textures and experiment with colours. We take the time to create something that will “wow” our clients and their expectations of design.

4. Elevate Experience

When designing for you, our ultimate aim is to elevate your space. We focus on the holistic feel and personality of your space, not just how it looks. We spend time getting to know you to determine exactly what is missing and what is add most value to your experience within the space.


Urban Metal is a small team of creatives and we genuinely love the work we do. With our founder and head designer Deborah Bauer leading the way, custom design, service which exceeds expectations and the enhancement of space through innovative design is what makes Urban Metal unique.

As a designer with 10 years experience in the industry and a passion for art, design and architecture, Deborah’s mission for Urban Metal is to enhance experience through creativity and design, elevating spaces to bring people together.

Deborah’s approach is unique to her competitors, all designs are built through innovation, experience and collaboration, working closely with people and their desired space to enhance the overall experience, aesthetic and feel.

Deborah’s talent lies in not only knowing how and why custom designed screens will enhance a space through colour, texture and bespoke features but by spending the time getting to know the space and the personality of it, her designs can transform an entire home, school or feel of a commercial space promoting a sense of positivity, innovation, relaxation and collaboration.

To learn more about the Urban Metal Team, click here.


Our process starts with a brief conversation via phone or email where we establish a basic project outline. An initial quotation based on this discussion will be produced for approval to ensure Urban Metal is the right fit for your project.
Once the quotation has been approved, a 40% deposit is required to commence and a specific time for the design consultation will be booked into the calendar.

Design Consultation

For our clients based in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, the design consultation will be conducted in your home or space where the project is based. For other locations, this consultation can take place either via phone, email or video conference. During the design consultation, we take a collabarative approach as value strongly value your ideas and input. We take in as much information as we can to develop a narrative on which we will base our design. For private homes, this may be centred around your style of home or personal design preferences. For public spaces or commercial projects, we tend to take a larger view and look outwards into the community to ensure the design we create has a broader appeal. Ultimately, our designs are all about building connections.


Following the design consultation, the actual process of design creation will commence. The length of time taken for this component of the project is purely determined by the number of individual designs within the project and the complexity of the design itself. For example, a design based on architectural elements seen during adventures in India may take a few days to complete. However, designing a 3 panel screen of Red River Gum Leaves with the specific requirement that you should be able to sit beneath these panels, look up and imagine you are looking up into the canopy may take 4-6 weeks. Considering each and every leaf and branch is drawn by hand, the process for a complex design like this requires time. Time to work on the perspective of the design. Time to ensure each and every leaf replicates, specifically, a Red River Gum, not another variety.

Approval & Changes to Design

Once the design is complete, you will receive a full set of drawings showing the designs, measurements of each panel, the size of border, the open area percentage (an important factor, especially for privacy screens), framework and fixtures. We ask you to carefully check all elements to ensure you are happy with the details as these drawings will become our working files. Minor changes are permitted at no cost. If you require a full redesign, additional charges will be incurred (pricing to be discussed).

Pricing: Custom Designs

Pricing for your Custom Design is quoted on an individual basis as every project is unique in regards to requirements.

A simple Custom Design which may also include variations on our Studio Designs, starts from $125.00.

Full Custom Design: From $795.00

Architectural & Landscape Decorative Screening Design Packages:

At Urban Metal, we offer design services for architects and landscape designers. Did you know that we can create custom design files which you can use during the quotation and tendering process? Sample designs or complete panel artwork files. This frees up your time to concentrate on your areas of expertise and allows for accurate pricing during the tendering process. Once the project is underway, either specify Urban Metal and we can take care of the rest or speak to us about receiving a full suite of drawings for your project which can be handed to builders and other contractors.

For additional information on Urban Metal Custom Design packages, speak to us now.

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