About Us

As a small team of creatives, we honestly love the work we do. From our Brisbane-based studio, our mission is to create beautiful laser cut decorative metal screens which inspire people to reflect, ignite conversations, admire the beauty and ultimately, enhance the space in which they live, study and work, through distinctively different, drool-worthy designs.

We listen. We create. We deliver. We thrive on your stories and we look to strategically create solutions which go above and beyond your expectations.

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At the head of the Urban Metal team is our Founder and Creative Director, Deborah Bauer.

As a designer with over 17-years experience in the industry and a passion for art, design and architecture, Deborah’s mission for Urban Metal is to make a difference by enhancing experience through intentional design, elevating spaces to bring people together.

Deb is a big picture thinker, loves taking ideas outside of the box and is a huge advocate for active design—the creation of people-focussed spaces which are intentionally designed to promote wellness of the mind and body.

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Stefan has been with Urban Metal for over 12 years. He’s a highly experienced CAD designer who’s attention to detail is second to none.

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Paul has been installing decorative screens with our team since 2008. He’s a builder and plasterer by trade and his knowledge and skills are top shelf and invaluable to our team.

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Joe joined the Urban Metal install team in 2018 and what a great addition he has been. A man of all trades, with a background in tiling and landscape construction, Joe is a perfectionist at heart.

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Hamish is a Brisbane based  artist. His speciality lies in his ability to turn an idea into reality with a passion for custom projects, loving to work on projects with rich narratives that tell a story.

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On-Phone Consultation

For clients embarking on smaller projects or seeking initial clarity, we offer a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation. During this session, our team will provide a concise overview of the design process, address potential challenges, and present design options tailored to your project. Furthermore, this consultation serves as an invaluable opportunity for clients to pose inquiries, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the process.

In-Place Consultation

For a more comprehensive engagement, we offer in-person consultations where our team visits your site to delve deeper into the project brief, challenges, and design possibilities. Additionally, we discuss installation methodologies and devise design concepts that are meticulously tailored to your site’s unique characteristics. This personalised consultation enables us to gain firsthand insight into your space, facilitating precise measurements and addressing installation queries at the outset.

$227.00 +gst

Urban Metal Workshop

An immersive workshop experience tailored to architects, designers and their firms.

Our team visits architectural practices to delve deeper into specific aspects of our products and services. During these sessions, we provide comprehensive insights into product specifications, materials selection, sustainability considerations, and the nuanced differences between perforated and laser-cut designs. Furthermore, we explore various methods of installation, ensuring a thorough understanding of best practices and tailored solutions. Our discussion extends beyond conventional applications, exploring innovative uses of our products. This collaborative forum fosters a rich exchange of ideas and empowers architects to harness the full potential of our offerings in their projects.

For any queries regarding our workshop, please contact us.

$397.00 +gst

Designer For A Day – Collaborative Design Consultation

Our platinum, custom design service. We know the power behind an intentionally space where communities have been included in the design process.

We specialise in the collaborative process. We work with you, your team and/or your community to create intentional designs for your project or location.

We work with firms, organisations, schools, colleges and communities across the country and internationally to find the narrative of the space and create designs with the purpose of building connections. We want people to experience space rather than just pass through it.

$1250.00+gst per consultant (+Travel)