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As the oldest continuous culture on earth, Australia’s Indigenous Aboriginal people, with histories rich in culture and ceremony, have inhabited the country we call Australia, for tens of thousands of years.

By including First Nations designs in commercial and residential projects we are taking first steps to becoming interconnected with our country’s rich history and culture.

To be seen. To be heard. To be connected.

A holistic culture centred around connectedness to country. Land, family, lore, ceremony and language all interconnected elements forming the pillars of Indigenous culture. The idea of being ‘on country’ is central to the unique worldview. Where the majority of Australians (non-indigenous) see themselves and the land on which they inhabit as separate identities, our First Nations people live by the belief that the two are merged, interconnected. The belief that the ancestors emerged from the sea and the sky and that our journeys are central to the creation of all living things. Not just in the past, but the present and the future.


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At Urban Metal, we believe Acknowledgement of Country is an important way for us to show respect and demonstrate awareness for  the First Nations people as the Traditional Owners and ongoing custodians of the land.  It is a significant and meaningful way of recognising  and acknowledging the continuing connection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to their Country.

With an immense appreciation of culture and stories, our Acknowledgment Of Country , Indigenous-designed series aims to pay respect and increase awareness through a visual, long lasting medium allowing these artwork placards to be installed in a multitude of applications. 

  • Commercial building entry placards
  • Parks and recreation spaces
  • Schools & colleges
  • Nature reserves
  • Beach entry points
  • Sports grounds and Stadiums
  • Personal residential
  • Council buildings and spaces
  • Foyers
  • Galleries
  • Acknowledgment of Country Decorative Screen Wall Murals (for larger spaces)

Each design has been carefully created by one of our featured Indigenous Artists to ensure each piece is authentic and significant.

Acknowledgment of Country artworks can be purchased from our Studio Design Collection below or  we can custom design pieces to suit your requirements. Choose from a range of materials (stainless steel; powder coated aluminium or corten steel). Sizes and shapes can be altered to suit the needs of the application. Exact wording can also be altered and can be location specific, if you know the name of the First Nations of the land where you are .

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