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Urban Metal Sustainability Commitment

At Urban Metal, is a choice for those who seek beauty without compromise. Our commitment to sustainability is ingrained in every facet of our business model, ensuring a better future for architecture, design, collaboration, and our planet.

Aluminium Sustainability:

  • We prioritize lightweight materials, like aluminium, renowned for its minimal cradle-to-gate environmental impact.
  • Our commitment to cradle-to-gate means our products have a significantly lower carbon impact from production to shelves, with aluminium being infinitely recyclable.
  • Aluminium recycling saves 97% of greenhouse gases in the primary production process, reducing emissions equivalent to driving approximately 40,400 kilometers per tonne.

Laser Cutting Efficiency:

  • Our laser cut designs epitomize precision and efficiency, minimizing waste by vaporizing lines and leaving only recyclable cutouts.
  • Laser cutting is a highly efficient, automated process that significantly reduces production time and environmental impact.
  • Longevity of laser cutting technology means fewer replacements and maintenance, contributing to a sustainable, lasting solution.

Smart Transport Solutions:

  • Urban Metal’s new business model empowers architects to choose local manufacturers, cutting unnecessary transportation and reducing global emissions.
  • By establishing partnerships in each state, we enable the selection of sustainable, local options, minimizing the need for excessive transportation.
  • Our approach mirrors successful practices in the USA, allowing design files to be utilized locally, promoting sustainability in the industry.

Urban Metal: Redefining sustainability in design and delivery. A smarter, greener choice for a better, more responsible planet-positive future.