Urban Lifestyle Luxe

Transform your residential living spaces with our signature decorative screens. Purposeful designs that seamlessly blend style and functionality, creating a captivating ambiance.

On-Site Vision Realisation:

Our process starts with you, envisioning and placing screens for a tailored fit.

Where Art Meets Home

5A Commercial - urban metal

Elevate with Urban Metal

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Instant Transformation

Custom-designed laser-cut metal screens for commercial and professional projects, ensuring an instant transformation of your

4 Urban Metal Custom Design Gum Tree Canopy Design 5 - urban metal

Creative Collaboration

Designs crafted through years of experience and collaboration, enhancing the overall enjoyment, aesthetic, and feel of your desired

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Seamless Project Execution

Collaboration with industry professionals for
hassle-free laser-cut and perforated projects, handling everything from design
creation to approvals.


Architects & Designers

We bring your vision to life, lightening your design load. Our custom screens integrate seamlessly, connecting your customers with their unique space and place.


Urban Metal: Your ally in easy project delivery. Save time and money with our collaborative approach. Choose a design and go straight to manufacturing.

Home Owners

Elevate your living experience. Create your sanctuary. We know building and renovations can be expensive. Choose your design and go straight to an Urban Metal  licensed manufacturer or let us manage your project for you.

Intentional Designs

Elevate spaces with purposeful and engaging custom designs. Our iconic creations connect people and communities to their surroundings.

Lighten Your Design Load

Collaborate early for a streamlined and innovative design process.

ESG Commitment

We are committed to doing good for the planet. Licensed agreements with manufacturers enable local fabrication, prioritizing sustainability for cost-effective projects.

IMG 1410 - urban metal

Elevating spaces through purposeful and engaging custom
designs is where we excel. Our designs connect people and communities to their

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Collaborate with us early in the process to
streamline and alleviate the design burden for architects and designers.
Seamless. Efficient. Innovative

9B Aesthetically Secure scaled - urban metal

Licensed agreements with manufacturers across Australia
enable local fabrication, prioritizing sustainability and reducing environmental
impact whilst ensuring your project is more cost effective.

What We Do

Precision-Cut Screens

Blending iconic design and technology for Australian conditions. Choose a design from our featured artists or  Studio Design Collection.

Perforated Screens

Custom-designed, safe, and ideal for balustrades and pool areas where regulations are strict. Transform artwork, prints and designs into patterns. Plain perforated also available.



Let’s meet. In person in your studio or remotely, to hear your visions, discuss your project, answer design questions and cover all the important details to ensure specifications are accurate.


Choose from : Our Studio Design Collection ; Featured Artist Collection; or where we excel, Custom design.


Accurate specifications ensures accurate pricing through us or go directly to one of our licensed manufacturers


Specify your Urban Metal design choice on your plans. Images can be supplied for tender purposes


With licensed manufacturers across the country, choose your option and
manufacture locally. You’ll be supporting local business and meeting criteria for ESG’s.

Ideas and Inspiration

  • Privacy screens to shield from neighbours
  • Facade screens – make a statement
  • Outdoor decorative screens
  • Balustrades
  • Gates –  Fencing – Infill Panels
  • Alfesco Screens for decks and pergolas
  • Pool compliant perforated screens
  • Custom designed perforated and laser cut screens
  • Screens for landscaping
  • Room dividers
  • House plates and name plates
  • Decorative shade screens